Highway 9

Highway 9Highway 9 is a popular alternative route to I-5 for cars and motorcycle alike. Because of this traffic can be high then some may like during their rides but if you're traveling between the Arlington area and Sedro-Wooley or Deming this scenic route is still the way to go. Highway 9 actually runs from the border all the way south into Woodinville but the best section runs from Arlington to Deming.

Highway 9 is rarely my destination but instead is just route to get to Mt. Baker Highway or The North Cascades Highway. Most days there is traffic on Highway 9 and it is also patroled more than some of the more fun roads that Highway 9 leads to so the pace should be kept down some. I think of Highway 9 as a "warm-up" road for whatever I plan on hitting later that day.

Beautiful pavement for most of the road Heading north from Arlington, the first corner you hit is a long sweeper to the left followed by a much tighter uphill right turn. You have a several mile straight section with just one corner in it before you come to another set of very fun, medium-speed corners. This sets the stage for most of the road, several mile straight sections followed by a set of 3-8 fun corners.

Continuing north, you'll pass through several small towns McMurry first, followed by Montborne and Clear Lake before arriving in Sedro-Woolley. Here you can continue on Highway 9 (follow the signs, you need to make two turns) if you're heading towards the Mount Baker Highway or Bellingham or take a right to go to Highway 20, the North Cascades Highway. If you do continue north on Highway 9 you have a few more sets of corners before hitting Acme. From here you can continue on to Deming if you are heading towards Bellingham or want to grab some food before going to Mt. Baker. As an alternative route, you can take a right on Mosquito Lake Road out of Acme which is a short detour that ends on Highway 542 just east of Deming. Mosquito Lake can be fun but it is chipsealed last time I was there so the surface doesn't have much grip. Still, it can be a fun alternative sometimes.

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